Boys of Blood & Bone

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Andy Lansell, killed in the First World War in 1918, lies in a small cemetry in the north of France.


Henry  Lyon, in a borrowed Volvo station wagon, is driving up to the South Coast of New South Wales.


The paths of their lives are about to cross.




Perhaps if Henry had been able to see back down the road eighty-five years instead of eighty-five kilmetres, he might have seen Andy Lansell in person rather than a tree with his name on it.






Mrs Baker, please read

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Hi Mrs Baker,

Just wanted to let you know that I will send through the other part to Task 2 via email as I can’t post it  on here.

Have a great Easter and see you next term!







Blog Task Number 4

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Boys of blood and bone, David Metzenthen positions the reader to understand that coming

of age or growing up is a process that will involve heart-ache and hard times. The events

experienced by the character Cecelia Hainsworth emphasises this message.

Ms Hainsworth is a resident of Stratton and introduced to the reader as the former finacee of Andy Lanswell and the towns local, living legend. Miss Hainsworth is old, smart and likeable. The reader is positioned to like and respect Miss Hainworth with comments from the characters about her age, wisdom and personality.

Henry has no family connection to Miss Hainsworth but finds her story intriguing to say the least.

Months later Henry tries to get in contact with Janine and hears that Trot has passed away from a car accident. This begins a period of grief and sadness for Henry and he returns to the town for Trot’s funeral. Miss Hainsworth is still alive and well and reveals to Henry that she knows Janine’s secret. Not that this is surprising because as Trot stated on page 21, “She’s like an eagle, mate.” meaning that there is nothing Miss Hainsworth doesn’t know about or ‘see’.

Miss Hainsworth never married, perhaps, even at the age of  one hundred and one, she still loves Andy Lansell. She states to Henry when he offers to carry the photograph for her (page 33) “It is memories that weigh you down” and maybe this is why Miss Hainsworth never married. Perhaps her memories weighed her down, so much so that she was not able to love nearly as much, because of the pain, ever again.

Miss Hainsworth, will most likely live out her days in the town of Stratton. And when her time comes, may she be happily re-united with her lifelong love, Andy Lansell.





Blog Task Number 3

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(Mrs Baker, on my computer I’m not able to colour anything in, so I’m just going to put the blocks in order and then put which ones should be coloured as what)

Part #1:

Andy has to leave his girlfriend and family farm behind to go to war with his mates Darcy and Bob.

He is given the duty of recording his experiences in a journal provided by Cecelia, his girlfriend.

Part #2:

It is revealed that Andy has been unfaithful to Ceceila.

He worries about what he should do. He also finds out that his one night with Frances-Jane has resulted in him being a father to be.

Part #3;

The boys arrive in France and advance toward the front lines, they encounter enemy fire in a supposedly safe section of the supply line. A young digger is killed.

Part # 4:

Bob and Andy and involved in an advance into German territory. The fighting is terrible and horiffic and involves direct contact with the enemy.

Part #5:

The boys are involved in a massive battle set to break the German defences. Andy fights bravely but is injured in a sudden bomb attack.

Part #6:

Andy dies soon after being injured and offeres Darcy his diary. Darcy promises to take the diary and tell everyone about Andy’s story.

Part #7:

The boys arrive at the front line and suffer a severe bombing attack. Darcy is injured and taken back to England.








Blog Task Number 2

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Character name: Graham, but you can call me Trot.

1. Explain your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement I reckon, would be earnin’ the money to buy me car.

2. Explain your biggest regret?

Eh, life is too short for regrets I reckon.

3. What is your greatest fear?

That someday, I’ll lose Janine. Love ‘er to pieces I do.

4. What is one thing that you hope for in the future?

I dunno aye, see what happens mate.

5. If you could change one event that has occurred in your past, what would this be? Why?

I wouldn’t have joined the footy team. I don’t really like footy ya know an’ we don’t have that good a team. I’d want to be working on me car instead.

6. Which person in your life is the most important to you? Why?

Janine is the most important person in me life. She’s always there for me an’ she makes sure I take care of meself.

7. What is your favourite place in the world? Why?

Inside me car. I  love cars an’ me Commodore runs like a dream. It’s me favourite place because when I’m on me own I can take her up and make her go real fast.

8. Describe your perfect day.

Have’n a race on the open road, safe of course.

9. Finish the sentence: ‘Happiness is….’

Happiness is where your ‘eart is.

10. What advice do you have for any young people who are on the verge of becoming adults?

You young people should always live your life to the full. ‘stead of talking about things ya could or wanna do, go do ’em. Make memories.





Blog Task Number 1 Part 2

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(Mrs Baker I’m not able to highlight anything using WORDPRESS)


Blog activity: Describe your early impressions of secondary characters:

Trot, Cecelia, Janine, Darcy and Bob.


Trot was a kind and friendly man.


Cecelia was a very sharp-witted, smart, wise elderly lady.


Janine was a hardworking, quick, caring (although she hid how she cared) young woman.


Darcy was a optimistic fellow with a sense of humor, a good ‘mate’ and a good outlook towards life.


Bob was a good man all around and he was also a good ‘mate’ to Andy.





Blog Task Number 1

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Describe the two characters whose perspectives tell the story.

Aspects of Characterisation

Character 1: Henry Lyon                        

Personality: Friendly, nice, kind and pretty laid-back

Known relationships: Friends with Marcus, Nick, Trot, Angie and Janine. He has/had a girlfriend named Marcell. His Dad’s name is Walt and his mother’s name is Marg.

Physical traits: tall, tanned,

Destination: The coast to stay at his friend’s place and hopefully go windsurfing

Character 2: Andy Lansell

Personality: Calm, determined, brave

Known relationships: Has two ‘mates’ named Bob and Darcy or ‘Darce’. He is in love with Cecila Hainsworth and is engaged to her but he has/had fathered a baby to a girl named Frances-Jane.

Physical traits: tall, fit, his face was even and strong and very piercing and powerful eyes like a cats.

Destination: To France to fight the German’s.